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Tex Ritter, Performative Ranch Party Host

“Dimples or Dumplin’s, they’re both hard to beat/
I like a pretty girl, but still, I like to eat”

Les Anderson


The Uman Condition

Looks like I’ll have to try to make it out to the Beep Beep Gallery — this stuff is incredible.

“Removed,” Naomi Uman.


NSFW, if heavy breathing and naughty talk will get you in trouble.


What if Tyne Daly had been born twenty years later and was an Indian action star?

She’d be Malashree, star of the new release Shakti.  Read more about her in this great piece at Twitch.



I hope you’re ready for some good old-fashioned ass-kickin’

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Eponymously Buggy

Adam Ant, “Antmusic.”

Special Bonus!

Want to know the origin of Adam’s “Stand and Deliver“?  Who doesn’t!  Adam tells all, and performs an inspired new version of the song!



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Stephin Merritt: Here’s Looking At You!

Let’s face it: this video is uncanny.





September 12, 1979

I’m only a few songs into John Peel’s broadcast on September 12, 1979, and — as Peel might say — it must be said: this show is phenomenal.  So far:

“Where’s the Boy for Me,” The Revillos.

“Engineers,” Gary Numan.

[the less said about The Merton Parkas’s “You Need Wheels” the better, I’m afraid.  And so, to move on:]

“California Uber Alles,” The Dead Kennedys.

“Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen,” Clive Pig.  BONUS! Check out Dennis Bovell’s dubby dub version here:

“Living Doll,” Flowers.  I’m sidestepping the version on Peel’s show for an interesting oddity: Cliff Richard meets The Young Ones!

“Circumstances,” Captain Beefheart.


Captain Beefheart (


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Hip To Be (Eponymously) Square

“Hollywood Square,” The Hollywood Squares.


You’re going to have to work a bit to get this one, but it’s going to be totally worth it, I assure you.  Visit Killed by Death’s tribute to The Hollywood Squares and check out the B-Side of The Hollywood Squares’s excellent “Hillside Strangler” single (I bet you’ll listen to the A-Side too).  Fantastic, right?


You’re already staying up too late and killing time, so why not visit the site of the band’s bass player “Spider Cobb” (aka Bob Schell)?

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Thirty-Year Time-Shift

So why did I stay up til 2:30a again last night?  I blame John Peel: how could I not listen to his show when he’s playing insane/great stuff like this?

Of course he played that record, Saal 2’s “Beschaftigung Maskulin” (sorry, don’t know how to make the umlaut in WordPress), during one of his late-night broadcasts in 1980; I was staying up late with Peel more than 30 years after the fact, time-shifting my bleary-eyed listening by a generation.  Weird.

As for Saal 2, there’s lots to learn about them from our friend the Web — if you can read German (note: I can’t).  They released a new LP on Vinyl on Demand (an intriguing-looking label for the techno obscurantists/fetishists among you) as recently as 2005, and host “brandneue songs und mehr” on the MySpace.

I have a funny feeling that I know what I’ll be doing (and where I’ll be surfing) at 2:30a tonight.


English: This is a painting of John Peel by ma...

John Peel, by Stuart Hampton

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This song could be eponymous

History Lesson, Part II,” The Minutemen.

In which D Boon tells the story of The Minutemen, and explains why punk rock mattered.  “Mr. Narrator: This is Bob Dylan to me!”

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Partially Eponymous

“Rev Up,” The Revillos.

I’ll admit that this song isn’t strictly eponymous, but as it provides a rousingly anthemic statement of the band’s raison d’être, I’ll admit it to the canon.

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