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Currying Anger

Maybe it’s because I just flew through Hoberman and Rosenbaum’s Midnight Movies, but I couldn’t help thinking about Kenneth Anger’s Kustom Kar Kommandos when I stumbled upon Tim Curry’s disturbingly 1979ish “Paradise Garage.”  Why shouldn’t the NYC underground of the ’60s have collapsed into the Rocky Horrorified new wave of the ’90s?  I think I remember seeing the video for “Paradise Garage” paired with Curry’s similarly fantastic “I Do the Rock” at the Uniondale Mini-Cinema the first time I saw RHPS, but that was a very long time ago, and I might have dreamed the whole thing (by “whole thing,” of course, I mean 1979).

“Paradise Garage”

Kustom Kar Kommandos (Anger, 1965)


“I Do the Rock”


  • I wish I could have attended this RHPS event at the Mini-Cinema, but I was busy wasting my time as a freshman in college [Rocky Music]
  • Get Institutionalized! (Or cut out this button and tape it to your computer, like I’m doing) [Cinema Treasures]
  • SIX classic Anger films — watch Puce Moment (1949) right now! [Ubu]
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Eponymously Buggy

Adam Ant, “Antmusic.”

Special Bonus!

Want to know the origin of Adam’s “Stand and Deliver“?  Who doesn’t!  Adam tells all, and performs an inspired new version of the song!



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September 12, 1979

I’m only a few songs into John Peel’s broadcast on September 12, 1979, and — as Peel might say — it must be said: this show is phenomenal.  So far:

“Where’s the Boy for Me,” The Revillos.

“Engineers,” Gary Numan.

[the less said about The Merton Parkas’s “You Need Wheels” the better, I’m afraid.  And so, to move on:]

“California Uber Alles,” The Dead Kennedys.

“Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen,” Clive Pig.  BONUS! Check out Dennis Bovell’s dubby dub version here:

“Living Doll,” Flowers.  I’m sidestepping the version on Peel’s show for an interesting oddity: Cliff Richard meets The Young Ones!

“Circumstances,” Captain Beefheart.


Captain Beefheart (beefheart.com)


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Hip To Be (Eponymously) Square

“Hollywood Square,” The Hollywood Squares.


You’re going to have to work a bit to get this one, but it’s going to be totally worth it, I assure you.  Visit Killed by Death’s tribute to The Hollywood Squares and check out the B-Side of The Hollywood Squares’s excellent “Hillside Strangler” single (I bet you’ll listen to the A-Side too).  Fantastic, right?


You’re already staying up too late and killing time, so why not visit the site of the band’s bass player “Spider Cobb” (aka Bob Schell)?

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Partially Eponymous

“Rev Up,” The Revillos.

I’ll admit that this song isn’t strictly eponymous, but as it provides a rousingly anthemic statement of the band’s raison d’être, I’ll admit it to the canon.

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Repeatedly Eponymous

“Stray Cat Strut,” The Stray Cats.

Congratulations go out to Brian Setzer for making his second appearance on this “eponymous” thread for a different band!  Brian, I’ll be UPSing your no-prize soon!

And to continue today’s “two-fer” theme:

“Radio Clash,” The Clash.

As you’ll recall, Joe, Mick, Joe, and Topper made the Proacafan charts earlier this week.

Well done, lads!

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Eponymous in Public

“Public Image,” Public Image Ltd.


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Eponymous City Rockers

“Clash City Rockers,” The Clash.

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Monochromatically Eponymous

In listening to the 1980 John Peel show (I’m still wallowing in nostalgia, as noted previously), I became pleasantly reminded of The Monochrome Set’s entry in one of my favorite genres, the eponymous band song.  (I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that the genre is a scourge of middlebrow critics — can you imagine a “Hey, Hey, We’re The Brown Eyes”? If such a thing exists, feel free to destroy it on my behalf).

“The Monochrome Set,” The Monochrome Set (1980)

As a lagniappe: here are a few more eponymous band songs that I love.  I hope you’re going to be insomniacally surfing the YouTubes to find some of your faves too!

“(Hey, Hey) We’re the Monkees,” The Monkees


“Everything’s Archie,” The Archies

“Join the Professionals,” The Professionals (here covered by The Fabulous Stains, the titular (if not eponymously named) stars of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (and yep, that’s Diane Lane.  And also yep, you should Netflix this movie tonight).

“The Yachting Type,” The Yachts (a slight cheat, perhaps, but I love this song)

And a cheat:

“Jocko Homo (Are We Not Men?)”, DEVO



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Wallowing in Nostalgia: Chris Spedding

Why move from side to side when you can jump up and down?


“Pogo Dancing,” 1977.






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