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September 12, 1979

I’m only a few songs into John Peel’s broadcast on September 12, 1979, and — as Peel might say — it must be said: this show is phenomenal.  So far:

“Where’s the Boy for Me,” The Revillos.

“Engineers,” Gary Numan.

[the less said about The Merton Parkas’s “You Need Wheels” the better, I’m afraid.  And so, to move on:]

“California Uber Alles,” The Dead Kennedys.

“Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen,” Clive Pig.  BONUS! Check out Dennis Bovell’s dubby dub version here:

“Living Doll,” Flowers.  I’m sidestepping the version on Peel’s show for an interesting oddity: Cliff Richard meets The Young Ones!

“Circumstances,” Captain Beefheart.


Captain Beefheart (beefheart.com)


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Thirty-Year Time-Shift

So why did I stay up til 2:30a again last night?  I blame John Peel: how could I not listen to his show when he’s playing insane/great stuff like this?

Of course he played that record, Saal 2’s “Beschaftigung Maskulin” (sorry, don’t know how to make the umlaut in WordPress), during one of his late-night broadcasts in 1980; I was staying up late with Peel more than 30 years after the fact, time-shifting my bleary-eyed listening by a generation.  Weird.

As for Saal 2, there’s lots to learn about them from our friend the Web — if you can read German (note: I can’t).  They released a new LP on Vinyl on Demand (an intriguing-looking label for the techno obscurantists/fetishists among you) as recently as 2005, and host “brandneue songs und mehr” on the MySpace.

I have a funny feeling that I know what I’ll be doing (and where I’ll be surfing) at 2:30a tonight.


English: This is a painting of John Peel by ma...

John Peel, by Stuart Hampton

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Most Recently SansaClipped: The Outcasts



“Self-Conscious Over You,” from the band’s titular debut LP (1979).  I stumbled upon it via an old John Peel show, archived at the mighty dieordiy.blogspot.com (NOTE: according to Google the site is unwittingly housing malware from http://slugisha.blogspot.com/, so you may not want to visit for a while).


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