Eponymously Unwell

Sick Pleasure, “Sick Pleasure” (1983)


Late-Night Abjection: Wallowing in Moral Turpentine

I’ve been spending the last few hours wallowing in the world of renowned philosoper, metaphysician, and podiatrist Brother Theodore (1906-2001).  Do yourself a favor: quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians and start Turning On to Brother Theodore.  From Letterman, if you can believe it:


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Games People Played: Battleship


Battleship (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

… wherein a hapless kid re-enacts militarized geopolitical conflict by knocking himself off a pier.  In 1967, the retired battleship New Jersey was re-comissioned and set sail for the waters off Vietnam.

In 1986, long-haired Atlantans described the pleasurable pain of being simultaneously constrained and embraced by battleship chains.



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Games People Played: Husker Du


DO YOU REMEMBER?  Pop-punk legends Husker Du warns us about the lonely repercussions of sitting around and reading books about UFOs (1985).



Was it an explosion of the embedded subliminal messaging that jogged my repressed memory of the ’70s commercial and Husker Du?  Or was it the release of Grant Hart’s (Bob Mould’s on again/off again partner in the band Husker Du) newest album, The Argument (2013)?

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Indeterminacy in Paradise

CBS experiments with multiple endings for Hawaii Five-O, allowing viewers to vote for the ending they’d most like to see.



The Dark: (from 1980)



Recently SansaClipped: Tragically Hip

“Fleance,” by The Third Ear Band, from Roman Polanski’s bloody version of Macbeth (1971).

Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly!



Yes, it’s as groovy as it looks.




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Performative Curators: From Host to Host

Johnny Cash welcomes Patti Page, former host of The Patti Page Show, Music Hall, and The Big Record, to his own show.

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Tex Ritter, Performative Ranch Party Host

“Dimples or Dumplin’s, they’re both hard to beat/
I like a pretty girl, but still, I like to eat”

Les Anderson


The Uman Condition

Looks like I’ll have to try to make it out to the Beep Beep Gallery — this stuff is incredible.

“Removed,” Naomi Uman.


NSFW, if heavy breathing and naughty talk will get you in trouble.


What if Tyne Daly had been born twenty years later and was an Indian action star?

She’d be Malashree, star of the new release Shakti.  Read more about her in this great piece at Twitch.



I hope you’re ready for some good old-fashioned ass-kickin’

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