Monochromatically Eponymous

In listening to the 1980 John Peel show (I’m still wallowing in nostalgia, as noted previously), I became pleasantly reminded of The Monochrome Set’s entry in one of my favorite genres, the eponymous band song.  (I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that the genre is a scourge of middlebrow critics — can you imagine a “Hey, Hey, We’re The Brown Eyes”? If such a thing exists, feel free to destroy it on my behalf).

“The Monochrome Set,” The Monochrome Set (1980)

As a lagniappe: here are a few more eponymous band songs that I love.  I hope you’re going to be insomniacally surfing the YouTubes to find some of your faves too!

“(Hey, Hey) We’re the Monkees,” The Monkees


“Everything’s Archie,” The Archies

“Join the Professionals,” The Professionals (here covered by The Fabulous Stains, the titular (if not eponymously named) stars of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (and yep, that’s Diane Lane.  And also yep, you should Netflix this movie tonight).

“The Yachting Type,” The Yachts (a slight cheat, perhaps, but I love this song)

And a cheat:

“Jocko Homo (Are We Not Men?)”, DEVO



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